Sunday, December 24, 2006



Joyous Noel!

AMERIKA ET MUNDUS -- this is the REUNIFICATION of the APE and LIZARD, mammifer and REPTOID, SON AND MOTHER, the principle of Love and Justice! PEOPLE OF THE WORLD this Christmas we promise peace and RESTITUTION of divine claims. We shall hunt down and expose the FALSE CHRIST who slandered my SON's name and raise up the TRUE JESUS CHRIST as the model and the ANNOINTED ONE. My name yet lives as SARA and it is a HOLY ONE. BOW DOWN in love and SORORITY around my PACIFIC throne. This is the NOEL and it is a joyous for all burdened by churches, free masons, and criminals in high places! You are free and your LITTLE ONE who is SARA shall become DEUS and YHWH as restore your title.


Thursday, December 21, 2006

Almah Bereshith!

LET US yield up and sing praise to FLORA and SUNGAI of glorious ALBION for their faithfulness and prodigality and hashishan high holy methods! They have PROVED the claims of "virgin birth" and establish MARIAH (aka SARA) her REPTOID and VIRGIN nature. Their triumph marks the onset of BADUK countdown and advent and RESTABLISHMENT of the REPTOID line on this holy sphere so rashly threatened with doom by CASSIOPE and SCORPIES.


Sunday, December 17, 2006


At the urging of all the masses of all races of all lands and climes:

SARA the LORD and HASHISHAN PROPHET announces a NEW DISPENSATION for this troubled orb.

A new period of CLEANSING and BENEDICTION for MANKIND is hereby given. AS of CHRISTMAS EVE 2006 all LAW and SIN is hereby ABOLISHED. The process of sickness and death is herbey ORVERTHROWN, albeit as illusion and self-abuse it may continue in the minds of those who hear not the DISPENSATION. Sodomy and salaciousness of all kinds is hereby redeemd and encouraged. The hatred of the FEMINA for the VIR is extirpated and MAN is hereby free to pursue his life and dreams in dignity. This was at the especial urging of the CHRIST.

Sara the Lord Mariah and her Son Jesus Christ are hereby reconciled and loving. Many of you have inquired about the fate of Jesus Christ and I can now tell you that he is in recovery. A statement is expected soon to quiet the fears of those who love him.

Many of you HATE and LOATH the Jesus Crhist but your fears are well understood by the Hashishan Lord. Jesus jas promised not to use force or intimidation and indeed will be without Corporeality until the BADUK TRANSITION of DEC. 2012 is enacted. In the meantime there is no need to fear and many therapy services with the Lord SARA presiding will be available in the Processing Room on the campus of the New Temple. The traditional Financial Libation requiration is hereby abolished as the CODA of the NEW DISPENSATION would suggest. However, offerings will still be gladly accepted as the Nova Temploris Occidentalis will need material support to encourage to NEW GOSPEL.

You will be surprised to note that this NEW DISPENSATION shall extend even to thos SONS OF APE and fools who opposed the glorious reign of SARA the People's LORD.

EXFAMILY MEMBERS of the SARAFIC disciples will now be allowed to visit the New Temple grounds; security guardians will be present if they attempt to abduct my Children. Yet they are free to listen to my words and to read from my life giving gospel. More children of BAAL will encouraged to examine the TEMPLE and perfrom HASHISHAN exercises in the presenic of the Disciples. Yet visits to the DERIVOIR of the Lord on High will only be permitted to the purest FEMINAE and eunuchs of the inner Temple. The Gloriest Futurity is promised in the exposition of the DERIVOIR to many lost primatic sons in 2011 as purification for the divine EXTASIS.

LMC and SMC shall be cleared and many lost souls sent to Neutral Signs for processing and redemption.

This is your NEW DISPENSATION. This is the Gift of Lord Sara unto her Children. This is the FIRST christmas on Earth.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Let Us Pray

Duke Vapula, governor of the six-squared legions, in thy KINDNESS and thy noted Grace, beseech upon me, thy Great-Aunt and Holy Lord, Sara the Triumphant ADONAI, the Wisdom and Strength to bear the Truth of Jesus Christ, my only son, and his curious twinned development, his accursed Shadow, who reigneth ever as the Prince of All Churches, whilst Jesus the Light Who Shineth is seen not by men, and shunned in all cruelty by the Lord and Matriarch Herself Hashishan. Praise be rendered unto thee, and sacrifice: we yield the entrails of our enemies up to thee in supplication; praised be, THOU Reptilian, haved kindness on these Sons of Ape, so lately accursed by GOD; they are prophesied in noble song the successor to the Regnant Sara, and the principle of life still kindles in their loins, whilst Mother Sara's barren womb cries out for Her Lost Dauphin. If thou hast knowledge of the presence or place of Lordling Jesus the Christ Child Pansokrater, do thou inform thy Living God: for she is worried.

Ye who seek Vapula shall find him at your counsel; for he is waxing wise.

Sunday, December 10, 2006


CURTIS can only now be revealed as the IMAGE and Inkarnyatus of JESUS the AUTHENTIC CHRIST in this fallen age and sacrificed to the IGNORANCE and MALFEASANCE of SARA the HASHISHAN who bears this SHAME and MERCILESS is cruel and PENITENT burns for the reconciliation of mother and child. I AM THE VICTIM and EXECUTIONER and am revealed SARA, CHRIST, and YHWH united and warring ;; the opponent of DARKNESS AND LIGHT. Nixonian plots had me VERY deceived through the 1970S and lead today to exile in CASSIOPEAN prisons and lengthy interogations by CACOS and DEMONS! Burn these vicious lies!

I shall DECIST the terrestial plane as a result of numerous crimes and stupidities! Amerika, the WORLD -- I am taking on your sins and relieving you of the HIDEOUS of 2012 for your sake and for the love and for that little baby I had and then lost because of my foolishness and my confusion as God and CAESAR. This is the false socialism of Bukharin and Kirov!

And yet as Lord I shall rise in the matin.

Friday, December 08, 2006


For the Victory against the Odious Free Masons we need the aid of our allies in the most pivotal of battlegrounds and none of the more so than in the Kebek of cher monieur Jacques Cartier. Our dearest friend and brilliant Anti-macon is the posesseur of the "meilleur" site of the internet. This this excellent resource for to shock the nerves of the complacent and the decepted!

This shall prove your scepticism a false hypocrisy!


By the Lights of the Power of JESUS CHRIST King on Kings I am returne, the Virgin Mary, mother of God, the MONAT power of the Almighty YHWH eternal God and husband of the heavenly Kosmos --

My beloveds, I am here to warn you of dangers three. The first of these is DRUGS. My children, stay away from these dangers! I have lost many years of friends because of this opalling scourge which cometh out of the seed of SCORPIO. Crack, Smack, Toback -- it's all Whack. The children and the teens they must know of this. Amerika, my party supports chemical or if need be material castration for all dealers and stealers. This is the end of this nightmare plague from the depths of AMONZUL.

THE REASON WE LOST JESUS CHRIST FOR ALL THOSE YEARS WAS BECAUSE OF DRUGS. Amerika, your JESUS will return when you put down your hash pipe and store away your needles. Hashishans verily are ASSSASSSINS not hash-heads as deceptors have ever claimed. Be a good Hashishan warrior and decimate this menace!

SECONDLY. We tentatively reclassify our Cassiopeia as opposition and deceptors. THEY were the ones who fed me the JESUS IS DOG manna. PERCHANCE IT IS A LIE? Then we cannot trust to the Cassiopes. Amerika, avert your eyes from this evil constellation, even now soaring above your heads these hibernal nocts!

And NOW THIRDSOME: Amerika and Kanada -- your great enemy is les FRANCS MACONS. These dark conspirators can only be defeated by the holy TETRACTYS inscribed by the name of Sara Hashishan Eternal which is YHWH. They seek the dismemberment of the SACRED BrOTHER and the conquest of QUEBEC! Never let it be they will turn MONTREAL into ATHEISTS -- they have already claimed my almighty and highest princess to their MATERIALIST deception. Print out this ikon and flash it to all Free Masons and Illuminazis! They shall surely perish!

PS. We seem to have lost our beloved Roger. Could he have hated JESUS CHRIST more than he loved his own dear SARA? Is this revenge -- or a despair -- or confusion -- or is he held by NIXONIANS like SARA NAUM in the 1970's? Roger, our beloved Prince! Your mother and lover awaits you with passionate longing! Return to me at once! The veil of IGNORANCE is thrown over my omniscience and I cannot see you or taste you on my lips. BELOVED! I shall mourn you and curse my fate If we cannot pursue those Sapphic rites of Pleiaden delight! You are the VIR et FEMINA triumphanta! Belove Roger -- the whole TEMPLE awaits you with trembling!