Friday, December 08, 2006


By the Lights of the Power of JESUS CHRIST King on Kings I am returne, the Virgin Mary, mother of God, the MONAT power of the Almighty YHWH eternal God and husband of the heavenly Kosmos --

My beloveds, I am here to warn you of dangers three. The first of these is DRUGS. My children, stay away from these dangers! I have lost many years of friends because of this opalling scourge which cometh out of the seed of SCORPIO. Crack, Smack, Toback -- it's all Whack. The children and the teens they must know of this. Amerika, my party supports chemical or if need be material castration for all dealers and stealers. This is the end of this nightmare plague from the depths of AMONZUL.

THE REASON WE LOST JESUS CHRIST FOR ALL THOSE YEARS WAS BECAUSE OF DRUGS. Amerika, your JESUS will return when you put down your hash pipe and store away your needles. Hashishans verily are ASSSASSSINS not hash-heads as deceptors have ever claimed. Be a good Hashishan warrior and decimate this menace!

SECONDLY. We tentatively reclassify our Cassiopeia as opposition and deceptors. THEY were the ones who fed me the JESUS IS DOG manna. PERCHANCE IT IS A LIE? Then we cannot trust to the Cassiopes. Amerika, avert your eyes from this evil constellation, even now soaring above your heads these hibernal nocts!

And NOW THIRDSOME: Amerika and Kanada -- your great enemy is les FRANCS MACONS. These dark conspirators can only be defeated by the holy TETRACTYS inscribed by the name of Sara Hashishan Eternal which is YHWH. They seek the dismemberment of the SACRED BrOTHER and the conquest of QUEBEC! Never let it be they will turn MONTREAL into ATHEISTS -- they have already claimed my almighty and highest princess to their MATERIALIST deception. Print out this ikon and flash it to all Free Masons and Illuminazis! They shall surely perish!

PS. We seem to have lost our beloved Roger. Could he have hated JESUS CHRIST more than he loved his own dear SARA? Is this revenge -- or a despair -- or confusion -- or is he held by NIXONIANS like SARA NAUM in the 1970's? Roger, our beloved Prince! Your mother and lover awaits you with passionate longing! Return to me at once! The veil of IGNORANCE is thrown over my omniscience and I cannot see you or taste you on my lips. BELOVED! I shall mourn you and curse my fate If we cannot pursue those Sapphic rites of Pleiaden delight! You are the VIR et FEMINA triumphanta! Belove Roger -- the whole TEMPLE awaits you with trembling!


Blogger Victory For Angels said...

This is so great,you truly put a smile on my face,you are sooooooo trying aren't you sarah?Just take it one step at a time,K?And to interpret this for sarah,Children Don't do drugs okay,It's very,very bad and it could kill you,and you deserve better.Peace

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Are you talking to both of us?I might be interested in that.

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