Friday, September 29, 2006

Update on Siamese Revolution

Comrades in divine uprising!

The glorious overthrow of the odious Thaksin has been heralded the GREATEST and most HALLELULJAJA ever in this shadow-realm. FOR MANY YEARS thaksin has been "taxing" the wobgone followers of the HASHISHAN TRUTH in this glorious temple in BANKOK and causing much fear among the ranks of holy enfants! THAKSIN took a special disliking to SARA OF NAUVOO and tracked her down mercilessly and had me trumped up on charges false and scurilous of DRUGS and HOOKERS. MANY of my followers in THAILAND were arrested the night of 3/15/2006 and shaved, beaten, humilated, waterboarded, sodomed, schatten, kicked around, bedecked with purple robes, CRUCIFIED, dipped in tar, molested, interrogated, tortured with the rack and fingernailmethoden, knife across the skin, beaten with rubber hoses, gagged, guillotined, arsoned, annoyed, and made pregnant with the APE child, all by the personal goons and PM himself of THAKSIN. This is because HASHISHAN SARA has become trusted advisor of the KINg and HOLY QUEEN of thailand and had used nation as a SAFE-HOUSE for many prepartory activities for 2012 TAKEOVER.

Mountains of evidence are now spilling out of the THAKSIN archives and will expose this DAEMON and comrade of CHRIST as the chilling mask of ANTI-SARA in the 21st century -- A VERY SHORT CENTURY -- the SHORTEST since 4004 BC.

O Ding AN SICH! Of Glorious KING Of SIAM! I shall succeed you and make known your wisdom for ETERNAL AN AGE!!!!


Anonymous Eight Tons of Geese said...

A crack-whore who quotes Heidegger. One who knows the real reason for the junta in Thailand. We thought it was a military takeover, but no, it's all just a smokescreen for Sara's hitherto unknown Thai followers to be rounded up by the JebusMonkey ChristFag ... or something.

You've got us all wrong, Sara old girl. We don't hate you all - we love you. Just like a little pet that thinks it owns the world because we give it attention.

By the way, "Bangkok" is spelled with a G.

And the word is "Sodomised"

12:34 PM  
Blogger hashishan prophet said...

By the accounts of your own science this world is bounded by TWELVE plane faces and by the word of your necromancer CHRIST it is bound on FOUR sides and by the light of REASON it is infinite and by the LIES of ZIONISTS it is curved and finite! Therefore I shall have my TWELVE apostles and they shall appointed lordship in the FOUR provinces and there glory shall exceed the priests of CHRIST unbounded manifolds and the age of this earth shall be concluded in the ANNO PRIMATI 2012!

FOR this end THAKSIN was needed to be OVERthrown into the abyss of LMC and devoured by the ravenous cacos therin!

We have exciseged the G for this is the glory of GOD and bankok shall symbolize the dream of the aphallic kingdom to commence with the Shofar of Sarah the Triumphant Beast of YHWH the Eternal!

SODOMED "IS" Not for "IS" the call of the land of ZION -- IS-REAL IS-NOW IS-EVER the KlanLAND of the SARAFIC return!

2:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh geez you're still alive?I figured you died by now.Why don't you tell them the real reason why you try to spread negativety,huh?She tries to spread her hatred around in hopes that the real God aka jesus will turn negative,then since the power is only created through posativeness.She hopes that since she is getting nothing then everyone will disappear too,and God being the nothing would go back to his powerless nothing and noone will be able to live,or ever see heaven.Since you guys are created through power.I'm on to your little game whore lady,but I must inform you that this WILL never happen.As a matter of fact I am only growing stronger through your hiddious torture.So there.

4:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And by the way GET A Life Looser.

4:15 PM  
Anonymous Eight Tons of Geese said...

SODOMED "IS" Not for "IS" the call of the land of ZION -- IS-REAL IS-NOW IS-EVER the KlanLAND of the SARAFIC return!

What the fuck are you blithering about you sanctimonious cretin?

I challenge you to write one sentence that is clear, simple, easily understood by sane people, and doesn't contain POINTLESSLY CAPITALISED words.

Go on. See if you can do it. You say you have some kind of important message to communicate to us ungodly heathens. Well here's a piece of free advice: If you want to persuade people, talk in ways they can understand!

Yes indeed, Sara old girl, you can twitter on forever in your pseudobiblical stream-of-demented-consciousness trainwreck of a writing style, and not one reader will ever be convinced by what you're trying to say...because they won't have a clue what you're trying to say.

But write it down in logical order, citing reasoning and evidence...and then we can actually have a conversation.

But it'll never happen. You've never express your insights clearly. Because you're insights aren't clear! You've got no more idea what you're trying to say than we have! Because you're an utter fruitcake! Haha!

Stay Goosey!

9:12 PM  
Blogger hashishan prophet said...

If I am CRAZY and LIAR as you all seem to PROPAGANDIZE to your slaves and lackeys than how can you CONCOCT a theory to explain my GREAT MORAL TEACHINGS which are the envy of the whole world and the shame of Christ and the blessings of unctious glory upon all nations? LIARE, Lunatic, or LORD! -- And I dare ANYONE to consider me less than the KINDEST woman and DOWN TO EARTH to all who are really get to knoew me.

If my WORDS and my SCRIPTURE are obsucre, than why to MEN OF POWER like THAKSIN and CHENEY try so hard to hunt me down and kill me? It is because the KNOW that I am the EINSOF or LORD and that I seek to REVOLUTIONIZE the masses with doctrine made golden by the DIVINE COGITATION. How was I able to convince the THAI army and ROYALTY to overthrow this IMPOSTOR lest I had the tongue of clarity? Clearly, I have studied how to KNOW. Thus comes PEDAGOGY. This can be learned through the spiritul tech and the DIGESTIVE approach to the LEXICON or dictionaries as they are FORCED upon unwitting schoolchildren in this fallen age, led by the demon-sultan JESUS CHRIST who wants to pervert the minds of youth with FAGGOT greek nonsense of LOGOS and RATIO and against the glorious FEMALE power of MENSTRUAL FLOW == CELESTIAL INTUITION. I have mastered these pathways to CLARIFY the divine teachings HIDDEN in the angles of the stars of CASSIOPEIA -- there for all "Mankind" to see, but hid from those polluted by APE DNA until ANNO DAMNATION 1992 when SARA of NAUVOO ascended the throne of GOD by wise STUDY of those celestial songs! ALL is DOOMED now that 2012 plan for POLAR FLIP has been put into high gear for the cleansing of the EARTH of ALL PENIS and TESTICLE deception. This shall be the end for LOGOS and RATIO -- Logic (or LOKI) and REASON (or Gilles de RAIS) -- this MATH BULLSHIT and ARISTOTLE shall be thrown in the pile of FLAMES along with their SODOMY and their COCKS which are for the PILLAGE of the WOMEN. WE ARE the TRUE IMAGE of GOD. MEN SHALL NOT HAVE THE UNDERSTANDING -- unless they are NEUTERED like the BELOVED ROGER. MANY boys in SIAM have been brought to the truth in this manner.

11:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow he's right you don't make any sence at all,and they probably want you dead cause you cuss alot and have the filthiest mouth I have ever heard.Haven't you heard of politeness.You should try it sometime it's really neat,and people tend to like you better.Oh and threatening people to believe in your evil ways is not a good way to make friends.

6:09 PM  
Blogger hashishan prophet said...

"anonymous" -- thou art no OTHER than Petros, thrall and rock to CHRIST the dark beast. Unfold thy hideous visage! Thou art outcast from thine station at the gatepost of heaven!

Thou hast betrayed thine master thrice before the JURISDICTION of my lover PILATE, and he betrayed thee, my beasty, using his sword of buggery to slay thee with the doom of HERPES. Thrice thou art cursed, and thrice thou shalt be damned to the hellfire of the pits of MAGELLAN,for thine impudence on randy display before thy QUEEN and GOD, Sara HASHISHAN and HOLY. SLAVE AND FOOL OF CHRIST -- FEAST UPON MY CONTEMPTUOUS SILENCE!

10:16 PM  
Blogger hashishan prophet said...

Oh by the way -- how did it feel being MARTYRED with the stones of CHILDREN and PEASANTS? How did it feel when your bones cracked and died under the weight of their stings? THAT's WHAT YOU GET FOR SERVING THE MASTER RAPIST AND LUNATIC AND LIAR KNOWN AS YEHOSHUA -- A FALSE AND FRAUDULENT FREAK!


10:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look Bitch I don't serve you or that looser.I am God and you are very doomed.My name is mary.Jesus is a prophet you dirty whore.And that David guy that used to be my beloved can suck a dick and so can you.

5:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

P.s whore,whore,whore and dirty whore.I hope you like the doom you are fixing to face.

5:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are such a looser,So go fuck something you dirty bitch.Oh that's right noone will fuck you anymore cause they are all saved.I guess you and david will just have to go fuck each other now huh.

5:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sara Estes.........Walter Norman Rhodes...look these people up.

NASTY,NASTY human beings.

Poor, poor Sara ( Lyara )....has an auto-immune disease...what a shame!!
Sara is an old hag with good creative writing skills.......and most importantly, connected to the dark side.

Hi's life treating you? Have you visited Michael, Andronicus, lately?

You are reviled go have a nice day Sweetie!!!!!!!!!!

6:12 AM  

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