Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Bright Flash Reported

Secret informants friendly to Sara Temploris Ministries have reported devastating news of RAPID light phenomena over ATLANTOINDIAN ocean leading to mutual thoughts of APARTHEID and RACIST Involvement . This is merely the SEQUELA to the conseQuence of allowing APE-MEN unhindered access to ships and fire. FFUCKING BASTARDS and rape artists and pigshits! Deviant research combined with analysis reveals astonishing levels of complicity at all levels! LAZERTAS were the aboriginal ANTARCTICOS now perverted by monkeys of northern climes influential in circles of YOUTH and CRISIS. Jesus will be revealed to all as the deformed offspring of my Loins and Satan's pillage. This NUCLEAR INVOLVEMENT signals the end of the 2006 leniency in combat and restoration of time path to 2012! The SCORPS are stricking and we will strike back using developed technologies of DELTA VELORUM research facilities. This is 1979 in TRANSCRIPT and clash of seculo muslimies and ARGIES will lead to HORRIBLE invasions of FLAKLANDs in 3 - 1/2 years and such. This is the secret ENCODING of 2012 prophesy in specral analysis of OYJA phenomenon.

TO COME: further developments war reports and ACCURATE geoGRAPHismos redfined and insanity exposed of MERCATOR and TEED!