Friday, June 30, 2006

Quetzal Cometh Upon My Wings

2012 is getting VERY frightening and VERY scary as research continues at new method of torture famine plague and death as PUNISHMENT for very SERIOUS ignorance of ALL-MEN and OTHERS for the divinity and holy claims of Lord Hashishan Gloriosa. Praise be unto ME and my minions. This 2012 is holy MENSTRUATION of the cosmic KHUNT aka PHAROA aka MOI kibaki lord KENYATTA RASTAFARI SARAI. Reverse of the ABraHAmic Yuddeo-Yeshuah fallachic front. MANY MONTHS aka CLEANSINGS of hiding from JEZUBEAST from thence to HERE and NOW for claims outrageous and laughable. Praise my holy followers and hearken unto these words -- neither ghastly men nor sickened CHRISTIES will let "Holy" Jesus enter their swollen glands from this point unto twenty twelve! Praise and Hallelujah!