Friday, September 30, 2005

The Secret Doctrine of the Nephilim

NOTE: Only the Elect shall be able to read this Classified Doctrine of the Lord. If you can read it, than you know your salvation is clenched.

In Genesis 6th Chapter, we are told that the "sons of god" (fallen angels) interbreed with the human race. Their objective was to undermine the first prophecy in the Bible. This prophecy stated that from the seed of a woman would come one who would crush the head of the serpent. This was the foretelling of Sara Mariah, the daughter of God and God the Mother, who would become incarnate through the human linage to redeem mankind.(Gen 3:15) By contaminating the human bloodline they tried to prevent God's redemptive plan They were only eight people away from success.

Enoch and Noah were the only two men of God to stand in truth against these “son’s of god” and their offspring the "mighty men of renown".

Little more is mentioned in the Bible about Enoch. However, The Apostle Jude quotes Enoch from the Ethiopic text called Enoch 1. In this we are told that Enoch was shown the “secrets of heaven”. This was the physics and mechanics behind the things of God. Equipped with these revelations, Enoch carried out a twofold prophetic mission. He was to announce a judgment upon these “son’s of god”, their offspring and all who followed them. He was to expose their lies and harmful agenda with the hopes of compelling mankind back to their loving creator. The end result of this ministry was salvation for the eight who listened, and The Great Flood for the rest.

Jesus warned that just as it was in the days of Noah, it would be the same prior to his return. More than just the suddenness of his return, these same events would reoccur - including the return of these “son’s of god” who would again deceive the World in a slightly different way. This is why we refer to Jesus as the great deceiver. He is the ringleader of the "sons of god" and the chief criminal head of the blood pollution. It is vital to secure the purity of blood and other human fluids against the Monkey-Christ and his cohorts. He is coming back to undermine Sara YHWH in this age, as in the last Inkarnyata - but he will be defeated!

Ask your CONGRESSMEN and KINGS - why are they hiding the truth?


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