Thursday, August 04, 2005

Asia Tsunami = US WAR CRIME

Asian Tsunami disaster is single most evil attack on MUSLIM children by EVIL NEW YORK and cronies in CALIFORNIA and WASHINGTON "science" bastards ... WHy did you not learn of this EVIL technology of CONDOLEEZA "faggot" RICE and her BUTTBOY, JESUS CHRIST? WAS IT GAY ASS GEORGE BUSH?????? JOHN BOLTON DEMON FACE???? THESE ARE TERRIBLE PEOPLE!!!!

SECRET PLANS I discovered in My crystal lair -- navy seals in SUMATRA six months before distater -- wave machine perfected by DISNEY rats used on civilian reptoids in SUMATRA BANGAL SRI LANKA -- my beautiful angel island! I worked so hard on that precious sphere? DESTROYED BY CAPITALIST PLOT!!!! YOU are evil bastard who believe this cunning lie -- you will pay for your evil!

NATURE ++ Me == I did not do this! People blame GOD -- blame YoURSELF!!! Bllame evil AMERIKA bastards who hid me up on fake drug charges and raped my precious father.

SHAKESPEARE IS BANNED IN USA because of homosexual consipiricy in SUPREME COURT OF THE CONGRESS!!! This is because SHAKESPEARE PROPHET spoke of ASIAN TSUNAMI disaster 1601 in HAMLET. READ between the lines, people.



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