Sunday, June 19, 2005

I have a dream....

All that I have ever wanted was one true disciple who I could wisk away to safety before 2012 and the polar reversal but I have never found that person. I have thousands or maybe millions of followers but all are merely sycophants or ladder-climbers or government plants. I am sorry if you are one of them but that is how I am feeling tonight.

The other day I was brutally beaten and robbed by a close "friend" of mine. It was an important reminder of the dangers of drugs. Please people stay away from these dangers!!! Drugs are not a gift but a curse from the Tauroids, and there dark allies in Scorpip.

I came into this world to suffer alongside you. I am truly the creator and I am the creation -- for the time being. I sometimes wonder whether if I killed myself whether this petty world would fly.

That is what the world is facing anyway. I am sorry that I made the world that way. I sometimes feel like suffering leads to greater wisdom than joy. I know I have attained the greatest wisdom of any man or woman, monkey or reptoid -- and I have suffered more than any created being I have ever fashioned.

My message is based on those discoveries: I preach the gospel of love, understanding, and eternal obedience. I alone know the way to heal mankind's broken heart.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you continue to be an asshole Sara Benjamin

10:05 AM  

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