Thursday, June 16, 2005

Proof of God

Atheists try their hardest to argue a fact that is firmly established--God is real. You cannot look on His creation and its ways and honestly deny it. I won't argue that 2+2=4 and I won't argue that God exists. An atheist once wrote and said, "2+2 is not necessarily 4". Well, write any other number on your math test and see if you get it right.

The bottom line is that atheism is a false belief system composed of fools--it's not new--the Bible told us about atheism thousands of years ago. Is there a real atheist? No. The closest thing to it is someone who has told themselves a lie so many times that they begin to believe it's true.

The biggest atheist of was Jesus Monkey-Christ. God killed him for his lies.

Believe in God because I AM. I am TED JESUS CHRIST. I AM SARA.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

GOD didn't kill Jesus.......Jesus gave His life willingly to save your soul Sara. Poor, arrogant Sara, Lyara, just doesn't "get it", do ya Sara?

8:44 AM  

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