Thursday, June 16, 2005

Lying Angels of Death

The Real Truth contained in this text the reader is about to read is especially directed to all those who ever built or is building temples erected to lies, to deceiving, and to the enslavement of humankind minds and souls. Those existing ancient and beautiful temples and cathedrals that are called by many as the "house of God" that are spread all around the planet are in reality and in Truth temples and cathedrals erected with innocent human blood. Its columns and every single brick of its walls are made of human bones, the cement they used was made with smashed human flesh, the water they used to mix all this was human blood itself and everything made “in the name of the holy cross. The Real Truth contained here is intended for the honor and memory firstly of Judas Iscariotes himself and also for every single human being: woman, small babies, little boys and girls, young and old men, and to all slaves be it with white or black skin color, and to every single indian, from every single tribe, from both North and South America and to every single droplet of innocent human blood that was shed –because of the name of the cross - and all those who were killed, assassinated – because of name of the cross - by the sword, with spears, arrows, axes, by stoning, by hanging, by dismemberment of arms and legs, by crushing with heavy wheels, the thousands that were killed by burning at the stake (like Giordano Bruno - a Wiseman himself - who believed there were life in outer space and he was right!), to those who died by drowning, by being “cooked alive in boiling hot oil or by being obligated to swallow molten lead or molten candles’ wax, by stripping off the skin, and to all those who were innocently killed by the merciless assassins with the "blessings from the church" known as "Crusaders Knights" considered to be “heroes and saints" but in reality and Truth were merciless murders and are also known and praised by a well known secret brotherhood - ex-builders of immense Cathedrals in Middle Age- erected to lies and deceiving and as they founders as “Knights Templars" but that in reality were real assassins, well paid by the Holy Mother Church" , that also killed with the sword, arrows, and spears, thousands and thousands of human beings in Middle East in ancient times also and is also dedicated to every single innocent human being who were judged and assassinated. accused of "heresy". just for not believing in the poisonous only-son serpent by the ignorant leaders of the "Holy Mother Church" in all "Holy Inquisitions" and all this, all this bloodshed, made only in the name of the "holy cross". The time of truth to all of you, each and every single one of you of the clergy, from the most lower rank priest to the most higher of you: the so called “supreme representant of a non-existent and evil "God" on Earth and also represents the legacy of his non-existent only-son; only-son that is a poisonous crawling serpent and root of all evil who supposedly holds “Peter’s keys of heavens that in reality are the keys of the doors of the hell and darkness of ignorance only you yourselves opened and have created on Earth and who considers himself to be the maximum “Crown of Creation this Truth wisely written/researched bellow is intended for each one of you for you to swallow it down your throats the true and real "serpent of evil" and real root of all human bloodshed and horrible suffering throughout all known Earth history. Solve the puzzle you "wisemen" from the Churches and secret pseudo esoteric orders of all colors and denominations!


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The bug-eyed beauty speaks........evil ugliness begets evil ugliness.
How ya doin' highness????

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