Thursday, June 16, 2005


We are in THE MILLENNIUM and Jubilee and Jubilee 2000 and THE 7TH DAY and past 6000 years or written also six thousand years and Jesus Christ was suppose to be here and Come by now and has and this is Ted Jesus Christ GOD and this is another Nativity and nothing more that is actually prophesied in Revelation 12:5 and the Child the author was NOT familiar with because this was to be a future the Child. We are currently in Revelation 20.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

HI Sara,
Why are you so homophobic........The photo of yourself that you post on your forum's website ( operation terra ), is so BUTCH! If you're not " gay " you are one ugly ? feminine character.
You've gotta lot of balls, the ovaries must have been shrivelled at birth........thankfully, no babies for you sweetie. GOD works in mysterious ways and I praise HIM.
I know you're very busy sweetie but you're such a megalomaniac that methinks you peruse your websites, once in a while.
Have a good one sweetie

11:36 AM  

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