Thursday, June 16, 2005

Will you join my quest for reality? Or will you go the way of Monkey-Christ-Lucifer man/woman?

Most of you are so brainwashed by your lie-based society what you believe to be the absolute Truth is just total fallacy. Hello. You have had the good fortune of reaching a Seer of Truth. Please note that this web-site is under construction. ... I am Me. Seer Undertaker. I am a tortured victim of society. When I was a toddler and a child, I was abused and beaten. That is all you need to know for now. You humans are often described as sheep. I like to also think of you as Ostrich with your heads buried in the sand. Society is a factory -- but its product is faulty. Being an aspiring Superior, I am often the target of harrassment by Police and social agents. The lie-based brainwashed 'community' often pitches in at the approval of society. I have detailed some of the events in case you wish to read. This is a quick draft, and not complete. I've had Social-Workers etc. with Police try put me out of action.


Anonymous Anonymous said... will continue to be abused and beaten by your lord and master. That's his MO sweetie, and you just don't "get it"!
You are having a lot of fun and satisfaction spewing your verbal abuse of our Divine Creator. Will your arrogance and mocking serve you well on Judgement Day Sara?

8:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"aspiring superior"? The operative word is aspiring Sara. Ain't you there yet?
Now......why would the police and social workers trying to put you down Sweetie? Hmmmmmmmm........I could give it a guess. Maybe your abhorrence of the TRUE LORD is also manifest in your abhorrence of our social justice system. Maybe you're just to above it all.
The only creation that sanctions child abuse is the master you now serve so well. Your parents had free-will and your very unfortunate abuse was inflicted because they could do so!.....Whatever addictions they had, served them also at the time. inflict your pain on the down-trodden and spiritually do that willingly Sara. It's your choice to give your pain for good or evil! You, my friend have chosen to ally with the dark side. Again, it begs the question, HOW DO YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT? I know that sedation is the only way you can slumber. I know that sedation comes in many forms Sara......which one do you choose sweetie?

9:13 AM  

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