Tuesday, July 12, 2005

New stuff from GOD

I'm back from the outer space -- i been all over d' place, chasing JESUS worm (the icthyphallus) to Scorpio lair -- I got caught in a net. They had me there by the stinger, fed me piss and shit, raped me and called me a liar and whore. I broke loose and got back to earth and wreaked my DIVINE WILL on unholy constellation, made it shake and drop a few stars out. I saw them couple meteors from my temple in Thailand. Did you? If you look up now you'll see a few stars missing - that was evil asshole Jesus and his gay soldiers. They are in Isreal now, plotting against me. They won't live for long!

There's evidence of astral ley lines in australia comming alive and calling all the fairies and unicorns to Ayer's Rock July 16. I'm gonna be there and speak my holy prophecy to all manking. If you can't see it will be on TV. I'm so beautiful some people are surprised by my talking abilities. YOU SHOULDN"T BE I AM THE LORDY THY GOD I AM ALL POWRFUL WISE HOLY IMPORTANT I AM GOD THE GOD OF ISREAL MECCA ROME BABYLON ORION MARS IAM THE IAM ITEM IAM



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