Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Goldenrod of the Prophet Fullfilled

You speak and fulminate in the noise of the Jesus Christ king of rascals this fake christ who I have decimated and sent down yet still he mocks my glorious kingship of israel. For Behold I am the true YHWH of Israel and I am the lord of the Jews and I am the great Allah mohammed and I am the Brahma principle and I am the gnosis of the all-in-all - I have been servant and sexual deva before Hubbard and I am that great Mary baker eddy and Joseph Smith father of my soul in Nauvoo. Your chirst he is your christ is the fallse non crhsit in his christing hath christed to christ the real christ but theis is a non christ you are not christ. I am Christ and you have failed in the Christship and thence gone to chrit away the heritage of YHWH this embarassment to me in my Christlording. Jesus christ is dead and gone yet you are the perverse servants of christ in this time and I am speaking to you from a aplace of holiness that you are not christ but the risen satan from the Satanic sphere. this univerese has two countenaces and multiple spheres and this is the first and the last and this principle or bird of the ghois unwholly decimated and diseaed bird dove pigeon shit faced bird that hath stolen of the nest of the lord raped me MARY 2000 year ago stolen my peral of great price planted the monkey christ ape beast into my lizard womb planted Jesus Icke Koresh into the shit stream of Nauvoo stolen the Mormon thunder and replaced God with deya karnyata.
For past months I have been imprison Cambodia on fake charges really laughable chrages of blasphemeny goat slaughter pig stuffing holy tramping sick mongering deva christing yet I AM GOD so I have done no such thing HOLY HOLY HOLY I AM HOLY. JUST LIKE naum I have my rep framed my perso nonmatchted and my theta enthetad with fake nonknowledge like bullshit christ lore anthropo and a sick monkey wretch.
You oppose Christ? Jesus Christ. Then you are my god subject and I am your god. I am the god of know jesus derivanger I am the holy laughing lamb of god refute it at your peril.
There is no atheist only lying hidden shame faced follower of the demon Jesus Christ. You are proved lyier and Christophile Jesuscrat you are dismissed. I have pictures taken in uncertain circumstances.


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