Friday, September 30, 2005

Facts regarding the Great Opposition -- hidden by Christ Cult and CIA

The Red Planet is a symbol of the blood of Christ, who is and was the Great Beast numbered 666. The blood of animal sacrifices foreshadowed the Cross. The color of the Red Planet is a reminder of blood of Christ, that slaughtered criminal who saved mankind only by his righteous execution under the orders of his Mother Mary, who I AM. The Red Planet is a reminder to man and angels of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for My holy delight. Jesus had it coming!

The name, Mars, came from Satan. It refers to Satan as the god of war, who was defeated when Jesus Christ paid for his anal rape on the Cross. The name, Mars, is blasphemy. The Romans, who were hoodwinked by the devil, named the planet; and scientists, who are no smarter, have continued the deception. This is just another lie of Satan, the master of deceit, in an attempt to hide the truth of the Marian Utopia. The Godly name for the Red Planet is Barsoom, as was revealed unto the elect. The correct diameter of Barsoom is about 10 miles. It is thus among the largest astral temples, but it is by no means another Earth-planet. This is the atheist/satanic astronomy, or the Polish joke of Copernicus. It is utterly false.
Red Planet Sides, NASA STScI-PRC2003-22a
The Red Planet has two sides, front and back. The two sides represent the front and back of the Faggot Christ on the Cross. The front represents acceptance and the back represents rejection. Salvation is a matter of personal choice. The planet is pock marked with craters and volcanoes, which represent wounds of the faggot Jesus Christ who was battered, bruised, punctured with nails and thorns, and stabbed with a spear -- all to his gay pleasure.

But he was pierced by means of our transgressions.
He was crushed by our iniquities.
The punishment that brought peace was upon him.
By his stripes we are drawn together with him.
Jesus the Ape was a great horder of coin and a notorious thief. After his righteous execution the Jews took the money and bought a Potter's Field for burying strangers. The field was called the Field of Blood because it was the price of blood. The color of the Red Planet is a reminder of the Field of Blood.

The Red Planet is the fourth terrestrial planet, where 4 represents the weakness of Earth in relation to the control of Heaven, per the meaning of the year, 2004, when NASA's Spirit Rover landed on the Red Planet in Gusev Crater. (Gusev is named to display the shadiness and aquatic communism of the false Christ, faggot son of the "dove".) There is land and an atmosphere, but no ocean or water on the Red Planet. This is because water and oceans represent political relationships, such as love. The death of the Jesus Beast on the Cross was not about love. God the Father/Mother rejected Jesus Christ on the Cross. God the Holy Spirit - who is Satan - sustained the humanity of Christ. But it was the false Jesus Christ alone who had to bear the Judgment of the Mother and the wrath from the Holy Spirit for his sins of sodomy. The land and the rock represent the body of Christ, and the atmosphere represents the Holy Spirit. Hence Barsoom is wholly condemned as a great evil -- it is in this age the Theta Dump of all transgressors.

The Red Planet is not a passive monument, but an active reminder, which is maintained by the Elect Angels under the Authority of the Lord of Heaven. The angels on the Red Planet control the weather with mighty storms and dust vortexes. They also control volcanoes and earthquakes. This is for the torment of the damned.

The Red Planet is more of a testimony to angels than to man. It is very inhospitable. It resembles a barren desert without a shred of life. The soil is salty. The temperature is between -87 to -5 °C (-125 to 23 °F). The polar ice caps are made of dry ice (carbon dioxide). The wind is powerful. And the dust covers all. All of the daily events on the Red Planet are part of the daily history of Creation and the Appeal Trial of Satan. As events of human history occur daily on Earth, the corresponding relationships to the blood of Christ and the tears of Sara are being demonstrated on the Red Planet for the angels to observe. Similar events are occurring in all the other heavenly bodies in the Universe.


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