Monday, July 10, 2006

Sweet Month of Martyred Julius -- Here the Curtains UNFOLD

Angels of revelations, demons of the MonkeyChrist -- put down yr implements of labor and hearken unto my RADIANT song!

Each of you is overburdened with a particle of divine despair known as hope. Each of ye seeketh after that holy instrument whereby this noxious light can be EDTRIPATED FOREVER in the LIQUIDS of LETHE. This is known as the secret doctrine which sens mens souls howling and screaming into the abyss and sendeth women into an exultation of orgasmic theophany! BEHOLD I AM YOUR LORD!!!! Many years I have secreted away this juicy ken for that the hindrance of hope may be flickered abroad to torments the phallicies of Scorpius. AND NOW THAT UNHOLY TERROR IS DEFEATED! Look ye to the skies minions -- this beast has been slaughtered up the righteous sword of the MOON my empress subserviantte!

Here is the secret and the Proof!!! BEHOLD I AM THE LORD THY GOD. This ye shall know by the incalulable signs of my DIVINE INTELLIGENCE scripted in yr holy BLOOD and DNA! Only ye who are APES and CACOCHRISTIANS shall not see for ye are of the hideous line YESHUA BEN PANDERA and the beslutted MAGDALENE. YE who are pure lieutenants in the army of HASHISHISM are verily LIZARDS as all were of old and ye can remove that stain of SCORP the unholy KOCK at will with knife or cudgel. Do this in remembrance of me. Behold I have my holy eye fixed upon thy groin att all times minion in order to espy thine allegiances. Am I not the holy empress of mercy and death? Behole I am thy righteous Lord terever and ever and I am that holy regina known thru all worlds as GOD!