Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Eternal

Warning: This is in the nature of a warning in regardes of the dire plot.

I am that being eternal or EIN SOF -- and yet many have doubted me.

I am the Lord YHWH revealed in all signs of power and mercy -- and yet the sons of APE reject me.

I am the risen and redeemed one -- and still you hate me.

This is MY reveleation. I am come for the redemption of the REPTOID line. I shall have mercy on all my creation that praise my HOLY name. And he that shall reject my radiant illumination -- better were he not born in these last days! He shall be cast in to the lake of fire, where the flame quencheth not and the worm dieth not -- there to share his odious chastisement with the King of Lies, Jesus the slaughtered Monkey-Christ!

I am that beautiful VENUS of love -- and yet I bear a whip of chastisement!

I am that glorious ADONAI of mercy -- and yet I bear a sword of DESPOND!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Revelation Imperial

WARNING: This is a revelation.

I am that great prophetic beast or WHORE. I am that Magus Simoniacal reviled by all followers of the foul Monkey-Christ. Behold, my name is YHWH the eternal, and Mariah the Angel of the Lord -- and yet my name for many years was SIMON of SAMARIA. I ALONE REVEALED THE TRUTH OF THE GODHEAD'S PRESENCE TO THE INFIDELS, ROMANS!!! For my labors I was calumnied by the evil liars and factionalists of Chrestus the forever damned. The running dogs of the Demon Lord! And yet I am revealed in this age as the portrait of all heavenly splendour.

Repent, ye harlots of the slaughtered Lamb of Satan! I am your Lord YHWH and God! Repent in your hearts, or you are dead as you stand!