Sunday, December 10, 2006


CURTIS can only now be revealed as the IMAGE and Inkarnyatus of JESUS the AUTHENTIC CHRIST in this fallen age and sacrificed to the IGNORANCE and MALFEASANCE of SARA the HASHISHAN who bears this SHAME and MERCILESS is cruel and PENITENT burns for the reconciliation of mother and child. I AM THE VICTIM and EXECUTIONER and am revealed SARA, CHRIST, and YHWH united and warring ;; the opponent of DARKNESS AND LIGHT. Nixonian plots had me VERY deceived through the 1970S and lead today to exile in CASSIOPEAN prisons and lengthy interogations by CACOS and DEMONS! Burn these vicious lies!

I shall DECIST the terrestial plane as a result of numerous crimes and stupidities! Amerika, the WORLD -- I am taking on your sins and relieving you of the HIDEOUS of 2012 for your sake and for the love and for that little baby I had and then lost because of my foolishness and my confusion as God and CAESAR. This is the false socialism of Bukharin and Kirov!

And yet as Lord I shall rise in the matin.


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