Friday, September 29, 2006

Update on Siamese Revolution

Comrades in divine uprising!

The glorious overthrow of the odious Thaksin has been heralded the GREATEST and most HALLELULJAJA ever in this shadow-realm. FOR MANY YEARS thaksin has been "taxing" the wobgone followers of the HASHISHAN TRUTH in this glorious temple in BANKOK and causing much fear among the ranks of holy enfants! THAKSIN took a special disliking to SARA OF NAUVOO and tracked her down mercilessly and had me trumped up on charges false and scurilous of DRUGS and HOOKERS. MANY of my followers in THAILAND were arrested the night of 3/15/2006 and shaved, beaten, humilated, waterboarded, sodomed, schatten, kicked around, bedecked with purple robes, CRUCIFIED, dipped in tar, molested, interrogated, tortured with the rack and fingernailmethoden, knife across the skin, beaten with rubber hoses, gagged, guillotined, arsoned, annoyed, and made pregnant with the APE child, all by the personal goons and PM himself of THAKSIN. This is because HASHISHAN SARA has become trusted advisor of the KINg and HOLY QUEEN of thailand and had used nation as a SAFE-HOUSE for many prepartory activities for 2012 TAKEOVER.

Mountains of evidence are now spilling out of the THAKSIN archives and will expose this DAEMON and comrade of CHRIST as the chilling mask of ANTI-SARA in the 21st century -- A VERY SHORT CENTURY -- the SHORTEST since 4004 BC.

O Ding AN SICH! Of Glorious KING Of SIAM! I shall succeed you and make known your wisdom for ETERNAL AN AGE!!!!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Die Geschwinde Reise

Ich bin und du hasst mich!

I have been these means ascribed the ETERNAL and all things unto my Will and my Craft.

By my labours have these widowed wonders been woven.

Ye who trespass among my orbits do so very much upon YOUR PERIL.

I have devastated EMPIRES for blasphemies less than these.

Auf dem Lufftschiff nach der obern Welt!