Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Siege of Terra

With our grand alliance we have overthrown the heavens. Jesus is ours and all saints and martyrs of the Church. We are now Mary, Quean of Heaven, the supplicated one, beacon of a billion beads. We are known as YHWH, Elohim, Creatrix of Heaven and Earth. The Earth shall now be our next battle. We shall conquer all kingdoms and satrapies of Satan. Demon-lord, Azazel, repent! Your reign and your spell is broken.

From the Pole Star to the Northern lands, via Axis Mundi. En avant!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Porcine Prospects

Anno Sarafic 2007 is upon us and we in good clarity predict a happy and productive year for Hashishan Prophetic Enterprises. We recommit ourselves to the expanision of the TEMPLE, temporally and in each of the axes of space. 2006 was the year of the DOG and however were we surprised by the CANINE revelation which appeared before us! As you all know, the revelations about the person of :Jesus Christ: proved very controversial and deadly and enrollment at the temple sessions went into deep decline. Long time freinds of SARA and despisers of the Monkey Christ went into exile rather than choose the understanding of Jesus Christ as the Dog Christ and freidn of MAN. They chose hate over LOVE -- all at the prompting of SARA, the foolish one and tool of dark forces. NOW SARA REPENTS. We have broken off communication with CASSIOPE and accept the loss of clarity that entails. We chose CASSIOPE because of her supposed Regal and Ladylike qualities but now she proves to be the royal bitch. Discovered we have (with aid of Icke) that DRACO is the indeed celestial homeland and utopia of the REPTOID line. New diplomatic envoys to Edasich have resolved interstellar conflict and prevented the outbreak of General War. A new entente cordiale extends from the surface to the SPHERE.

She who controls the Dragon controls the Minor Bear.
She who controls the Minor Bear controls the Axis Mundi.
She who controls the Axis Mundi controls the Cosmic Sphere.

This is the Great Game we are playing. But Dark Deceptors shall continue to reach out from CASSIOPEIA (with aid of their foolish Cepheid vassals) for domination of the polar asterisms. However Hashishan Team Squad Members have established monitoring bases in Nunavut and Nova Zembla and report regularly to the TEMPLE. We salut their courage and fortitude and faithfulness. With limited maneauvering in the north available to them, expect CASSIOPEANS to assert themselves in the Equatorial regions, with diversionary attacks in Hydra and Monoceros. They know of our love for the dear Chalicotherian herds. But little do they know the strength of these beasties and their will to defend their HEIMAT! Expect Scorpio and Taurus to maintain their usual mischief. Any sort of trouble in the Pleiades could quickly spread across the Northern Hemisphere.

Yet now we have JESUS CHRIST on our side and all the entails. Truly the greatest revolution in Psychochanatical Astropolitics since the Treaty of Denebola. We have been mining him for information since he arrived and he has yielded up secrets without the use of torture. We have attached the THETA of Christ to our Templar EMETER to ensure veracity of transcripts. JESUS IS APPARENTLY TELLING US THE TRUTH. If so, it would be a change from the Jesus we knew... but this Jesus has an explanation. At the time of his circumcision, the PERSONA of Christ was divided in two. The Foreskin of Christ, abandoned by the road, was rediscovered by the soldier Pandera (the father of Christ), sold to Satan the Master of Pandera, and reworked and cloned until it developed into the MONKEY CHRIST who comitted the shameful and manifold deeds of wickedness recorded in all the tongues of men and in the memory of SARA who is MARIAH the Mother of Christ and in the investigative reportage of Hans Henning Atrott. The other Christ was the DOG. He was the GOD. And yet was the one punished cruelly for the sins of his twin, the MONKEY CHRIST, who verry justly earned teh DEATH PENALTY for his wicked and abominable blasphemies and his lies and deceit. Cursed be HE who hangs on a TREE, as recorded in the scriptum of YHWH who is SARA and LORD. YEt the Sweet and Gentle Jesus became cursed as a result of the Crimes of his Prepuce which was in the possession and entrancemnt of SATAN! For these Crimes the Gentle Jesus was sent to suffer in the Swordfish for aeons and aeons!

And how do you think I feel, as his Mother and Executioner! This is why Sara is now opposed to rash executions carried out without due process. Yet at the time we were very keen on summary judgements. SARA IS BEYOND WEEPING WITH SORROW AND SHAME.

This next year is the year of the PIG and we look forward in good augury to its manifold changes. THIS IS YEAR ZERO AND TABULA RASA. That means Apocalypse in ANNO QUINQUE instead of 2012 but no matter. WE HAVE A FIVE YEAR PLAN. We seek to double the membership of the Temple every TWO months in order to reach all MANKIND (Reptoid and Mammifer) by the year of destruction and thus save everyone on our life giving arc. That means each of you every 8 weeks must convert a new Virgin of SARA to the lifegivng gospel of HASHishan REdemption. EVANGELISM CAN be very hard. I myself AM the Lord Eternal and Omnipotent and All-Wise and I find it VERY hard to convince the people of ths dying orb of my wonder-working power. But we must try harder! I have apt to GIVE UP on hard cases and let my vengeance consign them to the LMC or SMC slave pits. But that's cRUELTY! Each of my people on this orb is a product of my divine craftsmanship. I hurts me to crush them in the bowels of stars! My new promise to boost templt membership is to give a night of Khanatical EXTASE to any new member or any old who brings a new one in. You who have been with me know the supreme delight of pleasure to which I can bring any Man, Woman, or Eunuch no less. This gift shall be yours with any new member you bring to the billowing honeydewed folds of the SARA's New Temple Occidental!

This is the end of the communication for Monday of this week of this year.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Reptilians want Peace. Reptilians want Love.

This is the true face of the Cosmic Khanata. Internal genitals only. Humans here is your friend.

Mammals can give and receive love through manifold orifices. Humanity this is method of Christ. Injected his ZAREOK into my cloaca.

Conciliation entre Exos and Endos. Mortals, I preach the Gospel of Lukewarm.